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Earn money by referring business to us! For each customer that you sign up, you earn money ($25 Amazon gift card for business accounts and $50 Amazon gift card for enterprise accounts).

You will receive your gift card once the new client has reached 90 days. Please fill out the form below to begin earning. You will receive an email with your unique referral code that should be given to businesses to use at sign up!

When They use your code, you earn! It’s that easy.

MyRallypoint Referral Program

About the Founder

Claude Bethea, CEO and Founder of RallyPoint witnessed firsthand the problems Katrina caused for local businesses. With most local numbers out of service and employees scattered across the country, company managers were faced with the impossible task of trying to contact all their employees to get them back to work.

Countless hours were wasted calling numbers that didn’t work and attempting to salvage workforces. Mr. Bethea realized the need for a comprehensive disaster recovery system and decided to create the most effective system geared toward improving business continuity in the event of an emergency – Rallypoint was that solution. Since its inception, RallyPoint has grown into a full provider of business continuity services.

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