Our Product

What is RallyPoint?

Emergencies and disasters are inevitable and when they strike you need to be ready. Every minute counts during recovery and communication is key. With RallyPoint you can easily communicate with all employees or one through text, text-to-voice, email and voice mail. Track employee location and delegate effectively. RallyPoint provides you with an interactive visual representation of the status of your facilities and employees. Each employee is given the means to communicate back to you when required.

RallyPoint shifts the “first to contact” responsibility from manager to employee for consistent, reliable accountability.

See RallyPoint in action!

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Our Product

By combining all modes of standard communication with the web, text messaging and an integrated touch-tone phone system, you are immediately in control of your organization with secure communications. Moreover, RallyPoint is designed to recover communications after an emergency with your critical suppliers, vendors and clients. Allowing you to continue operations, giving you a competitive edge and saving you millions.

Communicate to your employees how much you value them and empower them with our system. Provide your employees with a means of accountability and communicate with your vendors when they are needed most. Designed for both daily operations and challenging emergency events, RallyPoint will get your company back online in a matter of hours to days instead of weeks making it worth the investment.