Recovery Strategies

Inbound vs. Outbound Communication

In the past, emergency communications relied solely on outbound notification. Hurricane Katrina and other emergencies taught us the importance of communication channel integrity. When emergencies strike, communications are easily damaged or disrupted. One-way or outbound only communication can and will highlight the gaps in a weak recovery plan ultimately jeopardizing continuity of employee operations. Even during a small scale event, outbound calls are often not delivered for hours or in many cases days after the event has taken place.

Fundamental changes are required to have true accountability of human assets and the ability to re-mobilize a workforce that cannot receive broadcast communications. Empowering each employee/user the means to communicate via the internet, text or 800 number will allow resource planning and recovery to begin immediately.

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Emergency Preparedness vs. Recovery

Economists calculate that for every dollar spent on preparing for a disaster, seven dollars are saved during the response.

Although mustering resources are an important part of the recovery process, RallyPoint gives management the tools to help their business be prepared for any event, and gives businesses a framework from which to organize their crisis communications and workforce continuity plans.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t wait until a storm is in the gulf to prepare your business. Ask one of our qualified representatives how to calculate your RallyPoint ROI to see just how much your company could save during the next disaster.